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Winter in the Garden

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Bleeding HeartsBleeding HeartsWe live in Takoma Park , MD.   So, if you know what the flowers are- you get the joke.  That's right they are Bleeding Hearts!  Our home is a 1950's bungalow at then end of a dead end street with a park at the opposite end - not the best kind of house in TP, as the historic homes are the the most coveted.  But, we like our place at the end of the dead end with a large stand of trees and wild understory.  In fact, it could be considered one of the best tree lots in TP for its size and undisturbed nature.  The front yard was shade/partial shade garden and grass before we arrived.  While there are plenty of hostas, azaleas, and other usual shade garden plants,  I have added a variety of native woodland plants such as a variety of ferns,  iron weed, white aster, white snakeroot, golden woodland sunflower, native goldenrod, and so forth.  

This website  is one of my entertainments.  Check it all out1


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